Cone Beam Technology & Implant Candidacy in Oak Harbor, WA

How Cone Beam Technology Enhances Implant Success

At Whidbey Dental Associates, our Oak Harbor dentists employ the latest dental technology to give our patients the high-quality treatment they deserve. As part of our commitment to providing patients in Oak Harbor with safer, faster, and more accurate care, we proudly feature the Cone Beam 3D digital CT scan system (CBCT). This advanced technology assists us in providing our patients with superior diagnostics and treatment.

What Is CBCT Technology?

CBCT stands for Cone Beam Computed Tomography. It uses a cone-shaped array of X-rays to create a highly accurate, three-dimensional impression of your smile. This stunning view of your smile is visible on a computer screen, which allows us to shift perspective and observe the structures of your smile from various angles.

How CBCT Works

Using the CBCT scanner is fast, simple, and non-invasive for our patients. It takes less than a minute for you to sit in a chair while the scanner moves around your head, recording multiple images. We consolidate these images to give us a seamless and comprehensive view of your smile.

Enhanced Diagnosis & Treatment

The enhanced view provided by our CBCT technology provides us with a comprehensive look at the patient’s anatomical structures, which simply isn’t available with more traditional technologies. CBCT gives us a clear picture of what’s going on with the patient’s roots, bone structures, soft tissue, and nerves. That way, we can determine the exact cause of dental issues and devise the most effective treatment.

By using CBCT to plan treatments and restorations, we can obtain a clear and comprehensive view of your dental structures, allowing us to determine their precise positioning and relationship to one another. This high clarity, low distortion view supplies comprehensive knowledge about the surgical site. That way, we can consider a full range of treatment options. We can also perform oral surgeries and other procedures more quickly and accurately thanks to CBCT technology.

Placing Dental Implants with CBCT

Dental implants are an extremely effective and attractive way to restore smiles for people with missing teeth. Dental implants rely on a strong and stable bond between the patient’s jawbone and the base of the dental implant, also known as the implant fixture. CBCT helps our dentist place your implant fixture in the ideal location, ensuring optimum prospects for success.

Cone Beam Technology Can Determine if You’re a Dental Implant Candidate

Dental Implants May Be the Right Solution for You, If:

You Want to Live an Unrestricted Life

Life can be embarrassing when you suffer tooth loss or live with dentures. With dental implants, we can restore your freedom, allowing you to worry less about slurring your words or having your dentures fall out while eating any food you want.

Dental implants restore functionality to your smile that’s unmatched by other tooth replacement alternatives.

You Want to Restore Your Overall Health & Wellbeing

Before you begin the implant process, Dr. Wirth will examine your oral structure. Dental implants require healthy gums and teeth. If your implant dentist determines that your oral condition doesn’t meet the requirements for dental implants, he’ll recommend undergoing supplemental treatments.

For example, if you lack bone dentistry, a bone graft can encourage your body to grow newer, stronger bones. This procedure allows you to heal faster and prepare you for dental implants.

You Want a Restoration That Will Last

Since your implant is implanted into your jawbone, a dental implant will encourage healthy bone growth. This means your smile will continue to flourish for a long time. Also, dental implants replace a tooth, reducing your risk of developing dental diseases such as gum disease and tooth decay.

You Want Confidence, Happiness, & Freedom

When you suffer from tooth loss, you might be afraid to smile. You may also feel nervous about seeing friends and family, eating your favorite foods, or socializing. Dental implants can help make these fears disappear.

You Want a Restoration That You Can Care for With Ease

Dental implants don’t require any extra maintenance than your natural teeth. As long as you brush your teeth twice daily, floss after meals, and visit your dentist as recommended, your implants will stay healthy for years to come.

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