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At Whidbey Dental Associates, we’re extremely proud of the quality care we provide our patients in Oak Harbor, Whidbey Island, Anacortes, and surrounding areas. Our patients aren’t just clients, they’re also our friends and neighbors. Our friends and neighbors have some great things to say about the services we provide.

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Each of my experiences have been tremendous. My cleaning, oral exam and redoing of 2 fillings were done perfectly. I was hesitant to go to the dentist after almost 2 years and some bad experiences but Dr.Derek and the wonderful hygenist and assistant made me feel comfortable and explained both what and why they were doing things. Definitely recommend!

Sarah Pallotto

Tremendously impressed with the reliability and professionalism of staff. The facility has the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation. Dr Wirth himself called me later after a rather extensive appointment. I appreciated that enormously and have never been more impressed with the kindness and professionalism of my dental provider! Highly, highly recommend this facility.

Kristie Bade

I haven’t had to have any work done in many years. Today I needed prep done for 2 failed crowns. I am so glad to be a patient at this clinic. The professionalism was beyond fantastic, I can say the same for my hygienist, in this same office. I wish I’d come years ago.????


I’ve been a patient there since 1995 and I’m still a patient. Dr Wirth is a great dentist and loves to to his patients even if he really doesn’t need to see them. Carol is a great hygienist and love how she works with you and doesn’t make you feel like you don’t take care of your teeth right. Your staff is great and glad to have you as my dentist!!!!!!

norma cline

I like these folks, real friendly and professional, but also family oriented and down to earth. I have experienced two hygienists, three dentists. The work seems very good from all. I recommend this group to everyone.

James Neubauer
Fantastic experience. I’ve never had the best dental hygiene, and I admit it, but all the staff were pleasant and helpful. I highly recommend you give them a chance. You will be happy you did.
Michael Taylor

I’m afraid It took being treated so well by Whidbey Dental Associates for my wife and me to realize how poor our care was previously. Whidbey Dental’s attention to detail and genuine interest in our health, plus inspiring us to an improved care regimen at home, are nothing short of exemplary. From being greeted upon arrival, routine cleanings, and establishment of our care plans, through to treatments and dental procedures, referrals, billing and scheduling, the entire team seems devoted to making you feel as if you’re their only patient and are being cared for by your own family. In particular, Dr. Jared Wirth quickly won us over with his professionalism, thoughtful recommendations and effective use of Whidbey Dental’s state of-the-art equipment.

Ultimately, it’s the results that count. The best testimonial I can offer is how we no longer dread our dentist appointments and, over time, how much better they have made us feel.

Fred Thorne
Coupeville, WA

Fred Thorne

Thank you Dr. Doug for saving my vacation….
I cracked a tooth on the way into town to visit my daughter. I was in a lot of pain, it was a week before I would get home to see my regular dentist in Tennessee. I stopped by Whidbey Dental Associates and the staff worked magic to get me in and take care of my issues. I was blessed to have found them…

Michael Richardson

I have been seeing Jared at Whidbey Dental Associates for a little over a year I believe and he is by far the best dentist I have ever had. I am a severely anxious person, specifically when it comes to medicine, doctors, etc. I recently had a wisdom teeth extraction where I was awake during the procedure and I was feeling extremely nervous but I was treated with so much kindness and empathy from Dr. Wirth and his dental hygienist. They both did their best to ease my worries and make me feel comfortable which I greatly appreciate. The new building they’ve moved to is also really nice and modern! I’m very thankful to have found this practice ☺️

Alivia A

Can’t believe I’m saying something good about a dentist, but best dentist and hygienist ever! Changed my life. I’m in my 50s and I’m talking better care of my teeth than I ever did, and somehow it’s because of them. They care, they teach, they do it right. I don’t care about the pretty new building. I’ll keep coming back for the skill.

Lachlan Stuart Waterbury

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